Closer to Nature
Kamperen in de natuur met tent, caravan of camper in Friesland

Echt Kamperen - met tent, caravan of camper

For those of you having a camper, a caravan or a tent, De Waps offers large places with lots of intimacy and privacy. We keep your wishes in mind: a spot in the sun or in the shade, close to the playground or close to the forest.

At De Waps, we always succeed in finding the right spot for you.

De Waps is also famous for its experience in authentic camping, which means that we don’t organise bingo evenings, there won’t be mobile homes that influence the atmosphere, neither will you find towers of beer crates. It is not by accident that De Waps has been awarded the label ‘charming campsite’ designated by the ANWB.

For those of you having a tent, we offer a number of special places. These are places on top of little hills which are typical for the region of Friesland, called ‘terpen’ in Dutch. From a terp, you have a magnificent view on the fields of the Fonteinwei.

Close to nature

Rustic environment

Campsite de Waps is located in a rural area on the edge of the Fontein forest. You can spot squirrels, woodpeckers and occasionally even an owl. If you get up early, you can frequently spot deer crossing the fields alongside the camping.

A bit further ahead, you will find the hills that are incorporated in the sloping landscape, in between forests, acres and meadows. You’ll spot numerous birds on the horizon, while the sun changes into a metallic pink in the reflection of the Ijssel Lake.

Next to the camping you find the forest pond in the ‘back garden’ of the Waps and after a 5 minute walk, you arrive at the dragonfly reserve De Wyldemerk. In this freely accessible nature reserve owned by Staatsbosbeheer you’ll find a hidden treasure of flora and fauna.

Other than dragonflies and damselflies, there are also goats and cows and rare plats and flowers to be found in the Wyldemerk. A visit not to be missed!

De horeca op Camping de Waps


Authentic Frisian chips and fresh rolls

Every day, our team makes fresh rolls and croissants, that you can pick up in the morning to complete your breakfast. With us, your day starts well!.

We are proud to serve you real Frisian chips next to the reception at ‘Pake’s Patat’. Pake’s Patat is a little snack bar where you can try Pake’s fries (‘Pake’ means grandfather in Frisian language) made according to the traditional and unique Frisian recipe.

You can also come here for the typical Dutch snacks like bitterballen (crunchy deep-fried meatballs) or croquettes. We also have pancakes, soft drinks, beer and of course a large choice in ice cream. Also to take away!

In our restaurant with a beautiful terrace, you can sit down to drink a cup of coffee, wine or a draught beer. We also have a menu with numerous special beers.

Kinderen en het animatieteam op Camping de Waps

De Waps Kids & Animation team

Experience and discover

At and around Campsite de Waps, children can discover and experience loads of new things. The youngest children can take a walk on the Kabouterpad (the Gnome’s Path) with a real gnome’s hat, or they can look for owl’s pellets near the lake.

There is a little amusement park at a bike ride’s distance in the village of Rijs (destined for children between 4 and 10 years old) and on the beaches of the IJssel Lake are plenty of opportunities to play.

Every day during high season, the Waps’ animation team (Welmoed and Evert) are ready to play fun games with your children.

In the morning or in the early evening your children are welcome to play dodgeball, play hide and seek, build huts, do a treasure hunt or be creative. If the weather’s bad, we’ll move inside to the lounge next to the reception.